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BLEP | Get a supplier audit

Get a supplier audit

Before placing an order with a factory it is advisable to perform a factory audit.

Our Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) team are available to conduct supplier audits. Supplier audits are one of the best ways to ensure that supplier is following the processes and procedures that you agreed to during the selection processes. The supplier audit identifies non-conformances in manufacturing process, shipment process, engineering change process, invoicing process and quality process at the supplier. After the audit, the customer and supplier or manufacturer jointly identify corrective actions which must be implemented by the supplier within an agreed-upon timeframe. A future audit ensures that these corrective actions have been successfully implemented.

Packing / Marking and Pre-shipment Inspection

This inspection ensures that packing and marking is in accordance with requirements of the purchase order requirements for transportation, preservation and storage to the destination. We also ensure that shipping documents are in accordance with prescribed purchase order requirements and shipping is completed against specification and the packing list.