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BLEP | Are hazardous area audits mandatory?

Are hazardous area audits mandatory?

In Australia currently only Victoria and Queensland require an extra regulatory audit to be completed prior to the equipment being energised for the first time onsite.

However some projects also require them. As an asset owner or operator it also give peace of mind that the installation is compliant to the relevant Australian of IECE standards.

Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation 2013

221 High voltage or hazardous area electrical installation not to be connected to electricity source without inspection

BLEP has Queensland Accredited Hazardous Area Auditors and Victorian H-class inspectors who can complete these Audits

Who pays for the Queensland hazardous area auditor?

The responsibility and cost of engaging an accredited Queensland hazardous area auditor rests with the person in control of the electrical installation or through contractual arrangements with the person who will connect or reconnect an electrical installation located in a hazardous area to a source of electricity.